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Quentin vs. Coen is now almost exactly one week away! On Monday, the Spoke Art crew will be heading out to NYC to begin setting up the show at Bold Hype Gallery in Chelsea. The opening night party is on Thursday April 7th, and the show will be on view during regular business hours on Friday, April 8th and Saturday April 9th.

There is no cover or entry charge to view the exhibit, so please come by!

If you think you’ll be able attend, please RSVP via our Facebook Event Page.

We’ll be updating our various social media throughout the next couple weeks with more updates, so if you get a second, please follow us on Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter.

If you are interested in being put on our buyer’s preview list for the show, please enter your email via our Mailing List.

All remaining works will be made available for online sale following the show’s opening via our Online Store.

We’ve got a bunch of fun things planned for the April 7th opening including a costume contest, free “Caucasians” and plenty of awesome art. Stay tuned!

Greg Gossel – Big Lebowski


Nimit Malavia – Kill Bill


Johannah O’Donnell – Pulp Fiction


Matt Leunig – Raising Arizona


Reza Rasoli – Reservoir Dogs


Clint Wilson – O Brother Where Art Thou?


Oliver Barrett – Pulp Fiction


Steve Seeley – True Grit x Kill Bill


Anville – Kill Bill


Seth Patrick – The Big Lebowski x Reservoir Dogs x Pink Floyd


Lauren Gregg – True Grit


Gwendolynn – Kill Bill


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“I have been really blessed in life. God has blessed me with a great caring & loving family who brought
me up in the best way possible. Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia to an Egyptian father & Canadian Mother. I truly have enjoyed a global lifestyle. Living in two distant & vastly different metropolises, Cairo where I spent my early & late teenage years and Toronto where I spent my early years as well as where I currently am located.”

Ibraheem Youssef has created a myriad of stunning minimalistic movie posters of some of our favorite films. Luckily for us, he’ll be participating once again in a Spoke Art show, can’t wait to see what he comes up with for “Quentin vs. Coen”!!!

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