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Last October was the seminal showing of our “Bad Dads – an art show tribute to the films of Wes Anderson” in San Francisco. Casey Weldon’s portrait of Bill Murray as six different Wes Anderson characters was a smash hit at the show and subsequently went viral via popular websites such a Slash Film (here), Booooooom (here), and Buzzfeed (here) to name a couple.

In addition to the net, Weldon’s piece also made it to print as full page spreads in both Italian Vanity Fair as well as the most current issue of Hi-Fructose Magazine.

We are proud to announce that a surprise release of 100 signed and numbered prints will be made available today, Saturday, April 2nd at around noon PST via the Spoke Art online store.

Check out the print here –

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Alright folks, contest is closed!!! Due to the high number of tumblr pages that reblogged the contest off of other Tumblr pages, looks like we’re actually giving away 8 free prints instead of 5! The winners have all been contacted, check out and follow the lucky winners below!

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What’s an Evanimal you ask? It’s the powerful illustration and design machine run by its mad creator, Evan Yarbrough. Within it’s steel belly, behind numerous dials and levers and resting on a comfy pillow, Evan is able to create a product that is creative, edgy, and crafted with a mastered hand. He strives to break boundaries, exceed expectations, and fully engage his audience….

We fell in love with Evanimal’s work a while back, but it really sealed the deal when we saw the great work he produced for R and R’s Bill Murray tribute show last year.. Can’t wait to see what he comes up with for our “Quentin vs. Coen – A tribute to Tarantino and the Brothers” art show this April!

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Just received word that after several delays involving paper and packaging supply shortages, our copies of Greg Gossel’s iconic Bill Murray portrait from Bad Dads is now en route! The prints are headed to Gossel’s for signing, we hope to have them in hand and in stock in a week or so!

Thanks to all of you for your patience, you’re going to love these prints!

The edition will be made available here, please stay tuned for an exact release date and time.

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“My name is John Vogl. I live in Denver, CO and work in a very small studio under the moniker, the Bungaloo. While much of my work focuses on limited edition concert posters that I design and screen print by hand..” – The Bungaloo

Bungaloo created an amazing Bill Murray print for our Bad Dads exhibit last October (check it out here), so needless to say we’re excited to see what he comes up with for Quentin vs. Coen.

More info on the artist here –

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Casey Weldon’s portrait of Bill Murray as six separate Wes Anderson characters was one of the most popular pieces from our Bad Dads show last October, garnering print press in both Vanity Fair Italy and Hi-Fructose magazine (our print version of the paintings is en route to him for signing as we speak!) Anyhow, we are very excited to see what he comes up with for Quentin vs. Coen, get a look at some of his previous work here on Spoke Art and on his personal website here.