“Ninja Star: Wars was the first art release ever by us here at Spoke Art, long before the Bad Dads/Wes Anderson or Quentin vs. Coen art shows. Being of Japanese descent, and a major sci-fi fan/nerd, the series immediately called to me and as our inaugural release, became the foundation for which this company was built upon. The finances raised from this initial sale led to a lot of great art shows for Spoke Art, and I’d love to use these prints to now help others in need.”

For the next week, Spoke Art and illustrator Steve Bialik will be offering complete matching number sets of six prints, with 100% of the sales of these prints being donated directly to the Japan Earthquake and Relief Fund – A Global Giving Project. We have structured our fundraiser on eBay, to ensure that all the proceeds are automatically donated directly to the non-profit.

If you’ve been meaning to pick up a set, or would like another set for a friend or for your collection, please do not hesitate to pick one up now.

Prints are available through this link – http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=190516158369

Thank you,

Ken Harman and everyone at Spoke Art.


NOTE – Looks like we’ve raised over $1500 for the folks in Japan affected by the recent disasters! A very big thanks to the artist, Steve Bialik, and everyone who reblogged, spread the word or bought a print set!


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Alright folks, contest is closed!!! Due to the high number of tumblr pages that reblogged the contest off of other Tumblr pages, looks like we’re actually giving away 8 free prints instead of 5! The winners have all been contacted, check out and follow the lucky winners below!









Spoke Art is proud to present at preview of our upcoming Quentin vs. Coen art show! Get a look at some of the works that will be on display this April 7th, 8th and 9th at Bold Hype Gallery in New York City, below.

If you think you’ll be able attend, please RSVP via our Facebook Event Page. We’ll be updating our various social media throughout the next couple weeks with more updates, so if you get a second, please follow us on Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter.

If you are interested in being put on our buyer’s preview list for the show, please enter your email via our Mailing List.

All remaining works will be made available for online sale following the show’s opening via our Online Store.

We’ve got a bunch of fun things planned for the April 7th opening including a “Dude” costume contest, free “Caucasians” and plenty of awesome art. Stay tuned!

Jason Levesque – “Mia Wallace”


Brandon Schaefer


Greg Gossel


Joshua Budich


Sam Wolfe Connelly


State of Shock

Dave Perillo

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Hailing from Buenos Aires, Max Dalton is without a doubt one of the best illustrators we know… and we know many! Max’s whimsical works have caught the imaginations of folks around the world and we are very, very once again proud to announce that Max is currently hard at work on a new piece for our Quentin vs. Coen art show coming this April in New York City(can’t say much, but it’s Pulp Fiction related!)

Max’s Wes Anderson inspired art print, “111 Archer Ave” was one of the best sellers from our recent “Bad Dads – A tribute to the films of Wes Anderson” art show that premiered in San Francisco last Halloween. Get a look at some of Max’s work after the jump!

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We were recently hipped to the works of Jason Levesque via our good friends over at Supersonic Electronic. Levesque’s works are haunting and beautiful and we’re very proud to feature him in our upcoming “Quentin vs. Coen – A tribute to the films of Tarantino and the Brothers” art show debuting this April in NYC. Get a look at some of his past works here on Spoke Art, and check back in a couple days to see his stellar rendition of Mia Wallace (Uma Thurman) from Pulp Fiction.

Check them all out after the jump!

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In addition to having one of the most bad ass contemporary Star Wars action figure collections we’ve seen, Joshua Budich also happens to be one damn fine artist. His Rushmore inspired piece for our Bad Dads show, “The Good Dad” was one of our favorite prints from the series in terms of sheer execution and creativity with a theme. For our upcoming Quentin vs. Coen art show, Budich has come up with an amazing Kill Bill image… Stay tuned!

More after the jump

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Rich Pellegrino is an illustrator and artist currently working in Warwick, Rhode Island. His three portraits of the brothers from the Darjeeling Limited are currently featured items in our online store (see the paintings here and the prints here) and we are very, very excited to be working with the talented artist once again for “Quentin vs. Coen, an art show tribute to Tarantino and the Brothers.”

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